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About authors

   Vujica Ognjenovic was born in Montenegro (Yougoslavia). Live and work in Herceg Novi.  He is man who had unusual chilhood and immediate expiriences with mystical phenomenons. For many years he have studied this unnatural and abnormal phenomenons.
    He is dentist, but occupy oneself whit mystical and unusual things from nature, wich science haven't yet explained. He interpretate and study the Bible all of his book inspirated of biblical themes, events and legends.
   Since 1995. he have published next books Waiting for a God, Follow the secret of God, Way and outway, Alive witness (essays), That another World (stories), The prophets speeks (interpretation of Bible's prophecies),  Sign of Angel (novel). 
   In manuscript are - Imitation of life (novel) and Book about dreams.


Serbian Version


New book from Vujica

Speaking Prophets, THIS book offers yet another view on the interpretation of the great prophetic texts such as the books of Daniel and the Revelation of Saint John the Divine and others. More...